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​TOLIC is the coalition of multiple life science companies based in Tohoku region, established in 2015. By integrating Tohoku region's high manufacturing technology and medical intelligence, TOLIC makes it possible to create the unique life science gadgets in need promptly, and also become the spring up hub of the integration of life science in Tohoku. 

Chairman:  Yasufumi Oyama   Iwate Industry Promotion Center

President in Chief:  Keiji Katano  Icomes Lab Co., Ltd. 

Presidents:   Takuya Iwabuchi    Cellspect Co., Ltd. 

         Isao Owada      IGUNOSS, Inc. 

         Tomohiro Takanose   Variable Links International 

         Yoshiaki Kurosawa  Iwate Industrial Research Institute 

Office:       Morioka New Technology Business Creation Support Center                      (M-tec)

TOLIC Promotion Video